11.3. Replacement of brake shoes

Replacement of brake shoes should be made on both wheels of one axis. The description only for one wheel is given below.

Forward blocks


  1. Poddomkratte the car also remove forward wheels.
  1. Squeeze out the piston of the brake cylinder (2), remove a bracket (3) supports, boots of the directing fingers (4) and twist the directing fingers.
  1. Remove a support (5) from an anchor bracket and suspend it on a suspension bracket rack so that not to load a brake hose. Remove blocks (6).
  1. Clear internal surfaces of a support a soft wire brush and check a condition of boots.
  2. Establish new blocks.

Establish external blocks with the acoustic indicator of wear by the indicator down; establish internal blocks so that shooters on them specified in the direction of rotation of a brake disk at the movement of the car forward.

  1. Establish a support, clear the directing fingers and tighten them. You will put on boots fingers.
  1. Establish a support bracket.
  1. Establish wheels, lower the car on the earth and squeeze out a brake pedal to wring out pistons of brake cylinders.
  2. In conclusion check the level of brake fluid and if necessary modify it.

Back blocks

Replacement of brake shoes of back wheels of models since 1999 is made by the issue (with floating back supports) similar to replacement of blocks of forward wheels.

The block with a spring should be established opposite to the piston. The description of replacement of blocks of models till 1999 is given by the issue below (with motionless 2-piston supports).


  1. Poddomkratte the car also remove back wheels.
  1. Wring out the piston of the brake cylinder (external), take the directing fingers and springs (3).
  1. Remove blocks. If necessary use a special stripper.
  2. Clear a soft wire brush of a surface of a support, interfaced to blocks. Examine boots and if necessary replace them.
  3. Grease the interfaced surfaces of blocks with copper lubricant and establish blocks in a support.
  4. Establish springs and fingers, then establish wheels and lower the car on the earth.
  5. Squeeze out a brake pedal to wring out pistons of brake cylinders and in conclusion check and if necessary modify the level of brake fluid.