11.5. Removal and installation of brake supports


  1. Removal of forward supports, and also back floating supports from an anchor bracket is described in the Section Replacement of Brake Shoes. For final removal of a support it is necessary to disconnect a brake hose from it. After a hose detachment to a zakuporta its open end and an opening in a support.
Fastening (6) of a forward support to an anchor bracket and connection (5) of a hose with a support.
  1. Before disconnecting a brake hose from a back floating support, the hose should be disconnected from a brake tube. For this purpose remove a clamp, disconnect a hose from a tube and a zakuporta a tube.
  1. For removal of a motionless back support remove brake shoes (see the Section Replacement of Brake Shoes), disconnect a brake tube from a support and turn out its fixing bolts (see an illustration).

The open end of a tube and opening in a support to a zakuporta that dirt did not get to them.

  1. At connection of a brake hose to a support (lobbies and back floating supports) you watch that the hose was not overwound. After installation of a support pump over the brake system.