11.6. Removal and installation of a pedal of a brake


  1. Shift front seats as it is possible further and remove the components specified illustrations Ensuring access to the main cylinder of coupling.
  2. Separate the socket of an electrical wiring of the engine and remove it the holder from a partition of a motive compartment.
  1. Give nuts of fastening of an arm of the amplifier of brakes/assembly of pedals (3) and remove the lower section of the dashboard.
  1. Remove the step motor (7) and weaken the hinge of a steering shaft (9) do not disassemble the hinge.
  1. Turn out bolts (10) of fastening of assembly of pedals to assembly of a steering column and separate the socket (11) of the sensor of provision of a pedal of a brake.
  2. Unhook a returnable spring (12) from a pedal, remove a lock ring and take an axis of a pedal (13).
  3. Remove assembly of a pedal.
  4. Installation is made upside-down.