11.8. Removal and installation of the tank of brake fluid and GTTs


  1. Remove components.

Ensuring access to the tank of brake fluid

2 — the Socket of the sensor of level of brake fluid
3 — the Rechargeable battery
4 — the Termozashchitny screen of a turbocompressor (diesel engines)
5 — Fixture of the block of the relay and safety locks
  1. Uncover the tank of brake fluid and pump out from it liquid.
  1. On models with RKPP disconnect a hose (6) of a hydraulic actuator of coupling from the lower part of the tank (7).
  1. If the tank or GTTs is replaced separately, put on a cover of the tank and extend it with GTTs up.
  2. Clear area around brake tubes (8) and disconnect them from GTTs.
  3. Give two nuts (9) of fastening of GTTs and remove it. Examine a sealing ring of GTTs and if necessary replace it.
  4. Installation is made upside-down. After installation fill the tank and pump over a hydraulic actuator of the brake system and coupling (model with RKPP).