11.9. Removal and installation of brake lines

Vacuum tube with the vacuum amplifier


  1. Remove the top cover of the engine.
  1. Remove a hose from a delivery air tube, from the inlet pipeline and from the vacuum block.
  1. Connect a new hose.

Brake hoses

The description of replacement of a brake hose of the left forward wheel is given below. Replacement of other hoses is made similarly.


  1. Poddomkratte the car also remove the corresponding wheel.
  1. Disconnect a hose from a support and from a tube (3). Zakuporte open end of a brake tube.
  1. Weaken collars (5) and remove a hose.
  2. Installation is made upside-down. You watch that the hose did not concern the details surrounding it at turn of a wheel. Besides, the hose should not be overwound.
  3. In conclusion of installation pump over a hydraulic actuator of the brake system.

Brake tubes


  1. Clear connections of the replaced tube and give them. Zakuporte open connections that dirt did not get to them.
  1. Clear a new tube compressed air and establish it.
  2. Pump over a hydraulic actuator of the brake system.