13.2. Equipment of salon

Removal and installation of seats

Front seats


  1. Shifting a seat at first as it is possible further forward, and then back, and turn out at first 2 back, and then 2 forward bolts of its fastening (2 and 3).
  1. Incline a seat back, cut a cable coupler and separate the socket (4) located under a seat.
  2. Remove a seat
  3. Installation is made upside-down.

Pillow of a back seat


  1. For removal of a pillow of a back seat lift it (1), release the holder of a loop (2), separate the socket (3) and remove a pillow.

Backs of a back seat


Before removal of big section of a back it is necessary to remove small section.

  1. Unhook hooks of a covering of seats on support of seat belts, lift a pillow of a seat and lower a back.
  1. Finger unblock small section of a back and remove it.
  1. Removal of big section of a back is made similarly.
  2. Installation is made upside-down.