8.3. Removal and installation of a casing of the lever of gear shifting



  1. Remove the central console (see the Head Kuzov).
  1. Include the 4th transfer and record RKPP in this situation by means of special adaptation (2) or the screw-driver with a diameter of 4 mm.

The lock core should not fail in an opening. Give a bolt of the hinge (3).

  1. Turn out bolts (4) fastenings of a casing of the lever of gear shifting and separate the socket (2) electrical wirings of the lock of ignition.
  1. Remove a casing.



  1. Establish a casing into place, join the socket of an electrical wiring of the lock of ignition and fill an electrical wiring in a casing.
  2. Establish an air duct of system of ventilation and tighten bolts of fastening of a casing, having paid attention to its 2 guides of a pin (arrow).
  3. Include the 4th transfer and insert a clamp (5) into an opening in a casing.
  4. Tighten a hinge bolt, take the holding devices from RKPP and a casing and close an opening on RKPP a plastic stopper.
  5. Make sure of serviceability of inclusion of each transfer, and also that the ignition key can be taken from the lock by the chosen transfer of a backing.
  6. Install the central console.