8.7. Removal and RKPP installation of diesel V6 engines


  1. Tire out the car on the elevator and cover wings with protective covers.
  2. Remove the giving air branch pipe, the top cover of the engine and the battery together with the pallet.
  3. Lift the car and remove forward wheels and 2 lower protection covers of a motive compartment.
  1. Remove the sensor of correction of a tilt angle of xenon headlights from an arm.
  1. Remove the lower filters of wheel arches and the central section of an exhaust pipe (see the Head of the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases). Turn out bolts of fastening of forward section of an exhaust pipe to RKPP arm.
  2. Lower the car and disconnect hoses from the inlet pipeline. Remove forward section of an exhaust pipe.
  3. Remove the assembly block of the relay and safety locks and take it aside. Pick up the phone between a turbocompressor and the intercooler.
  4. Include the 4th transfer and record RKPP in this situation then give a collar of fastening of a rod of the drive of gear shifting to draft (see the Section Removal and installation of a casing of the lever of gear shifting).
  5. Raise a gear shifting lever cover. Include the 3rd transfer that the rod left draft, and establish a stopper in a lever casing (see the Section Removal and installation of a casing of the lever of gear shifting).
  6. Remove a clip from the executive cylinder, disconnect the giving hose from the cylinder and establish a clip on the place (see an illustration).
  7. Give a nut (19 on an illustration) a back support of the power unit and bolts (20) of fastening of a pillow of this support.

Completely do not turn out bolts.

  1. Hang out the power unit on the beam established on wings.
  1. Give a nut and turn out bolts of fastening of the left pillow of the engine and remove a pillow.
  1. Turn out a bolt of fastening of cable channel to RKPP.
  1. Lift the car and turn out a bolt (28) of fastening of a forward support of the engine to a stretcher.
  2. Remove the air cleaner, the lower casing of a radiator, and rubber support of a cooler of GUR liquid from a stretcher.
  3. On both sides of the car give bolts of fastening of spherical support of a suspension bracket (35) to rotary fists and bolts of racks of the stabilizer of a suspension bracket (36).
  1. Turn out bolts of fastening of back basic plates and back bolts of fastening of a stretcher (35).
  1. Separate a tube of cooling of the battery.
  2. Install the special stand under a stretcher and give the remained bolts (38) of fastening of a stretcher.

Pay attention to the different size of bolts, do not mix them at installation.

  1. Remove an intercooler tube arm.
  1. Lower the car to provide access to a bolt of fastening of the steering mechanism and turn out them. At the same time weaken collars of fastening of a tube of GUR and fix on it a cooling system tube. Weaken collars of tubes К/В.
  1. Remove the stand with a stretcher aside, turn out a bolt (43) fastenings of thirst of gear shifting for a rod and remove a back support (44) engines with a pillow. Draft is removed together with a support.
  1. Separate the socket (14 on an illustration) an electrical wiring of D/V of lamps of a backing and turn out 3 top bolts of fastening of RKPP (15).
  1. Disconnect both wires of weight (47) from RKPP and lower the car.
  1. Lower the power unit so that RKPP was exempted from a structural element.
  2. Remove its top support from RKPP. Disconnect the left power shaft and suspend it on a plait.
  3. Remove a starter. If replacement or dismantling of RKPP is supposed, remove from it an arm of a support (50).
  4. Empty RKPP, fix special adaptation on a jack, level its center with the RKPP center and with its interfaced surface (see an illustration).
  5. Turn out 2 remained bolts of fastening of RKPP to the engine (see an illustration), separate them and remove RKPP from special adaptation.
  6. The procedure of installation is described in the Section Removal and the RKPP installation of 4-cylinder engines.