8.9. Replacement of epiploons of power shafts

Epiploon and sealing ring of the left power shaft


  1. Poddomkratte the car also remove the left forward wheel.
  1. Take a power shaft from RKPP (2) and remove holders (3) of a brake hose and wire of ABS.
  1. Turn out a bolt (4) fastenings of a spherical support of a suspension bracket to a rotary fist, pull out a spherical support and record it by means of the wooden whetstone established between the lever and the stabilizer of a suspension bracket.
  2. Turn a wheel to the right and pull on yourself the holder of a rack of a suspension bracket. The power shaft will leave RKPP. Lay a power shaft on the suspension bracket lever.
  1. Take an epiploon by means of special adaptation.
  1. Remove the case of an epiploon and replace its sealing ring.
  1. Install the epiploon case.
  2. Press a new epiploon in the case, previously having oiled it pure gearbox.
  3. Make sure that a power shaft pure and bring it to RKPP.
  4. Install a spherical support of a suspension bracket and other being removed components.
  5. Check the level of gearbox oil and if necessary modify its level.

Epiploon of the right power shaft


  1. Remove an intermediate shaft (see the Head Stsepleniye and power shafts).
  1. Take an old epiploon by means of the big screw-driver.
  1. Press a new epiploon and establish an intermediate shaft.