12.5.2. Check and adjustment of angles of installation of wheels

The general check of geometry of a suspension bracket is made at the special stand in the conditions of a specialized workshop.


Before adjustment of convergence of forward wheels make sure of correctness of adjustment of convergence of back wheels.

Adjustment of convergence of back wheels is carried out by movement of arms of longitudinal levers of a suspension bracket outside (convergence reduction) or inside (increase in convergence) at slightly released fixture of arms.

Convergence of forward wheels is carried out by change of length of steering drafts.

Disorder of back wheels

Disorder of back wheels is regulated by installation between the longitudinal lever of a suspension bracket and a nave of special pro-masonry plates: on the top bolts of fastening of a nave in case of the overestimated disorder or on the lower bolts at the underestimated disorder.

Installation only of one plate is allowed.

Other corners

The other angles of installation of wheels are not regulated. If necessary replace defective components of a suspension bracket.