8. Manual box of gear shifting

Type and volume of gearbox oil see Specifications to the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance of the car
RKPP weight together with oil, kg 45
Lubricant for shlits of an entrance shaft Molycote Rapid G
Sealant for a carving of a fork of the reverse gear and the executive cylinder Loctite 577
Sealant between RKPP and coupling Loctite 518
Lubricant for a support of a shaft of the reverse gear Loctite 648

Transfer relations of RKPP FM55

1st transfer 13.7:1
2nd transfer 7.12:1
3rd transfer 7.77:1
4th transfer 3.62:1
5th transfer 2.67:1
Backing 12.82:1

Efforts of tightening of threaded connections, N • m

Backing shaft 24
Backing shaft support 28
Fork of inclusion of a backing 24
D/V of lamps of a backing 24
RKPP fixture to a back support of the power unit 75
Fixture of a back pillow of the engine to a back support 45
Fixture of a back pillow of the engine to a stretcher 24
Back stretcher to a body 100 then to hold on the 45th hail on a corner.
The RKPP case to the engine 70
The RKPP case to the coupling case 24
Holder of an epiploon of the bearing of differential 24
Screws of fastening of a face cover 24
Support of the bearing of an entrance shaft 38
Thirst for a spherical support 33
Gear shifting rod to the hinge 24
Fixture of thirst of gear shifting for RKPP and to a rod 22
Gear shifting lever casing fixture 8
The gear shifting lever to a rod 20
Left pillow of the engine 45
RKPP traffic jams 50
Executive cylinder 10
Gear wheel of the main transfer 20 then to hold on the 90th hail on a corner.
Suspension bracket lever 90
Steering mechanism 90
Basic plate to a stretcher 65
Support of the bearing of an output shaft
  • Bolt with a secret head
  • Bolt with a cylindrical head
RKPP support 40
External spherical support to a rotary fist 65