8.4. Adjustment, removal and installation of the drive of gear shifting and lock of ignition

Gear shifting drive components

1 — Draft
2 — the Rod
3 — the Lock plate
4 — a lever Casing

5 — the Lever
6 — the Holder
7 — the Hinge



  1. Remove a gear shifting lever casing (see the Section Removal and installation of a casing of the lever of gear shifting).
  2. Remove the holder (2) of a lock plate (4) and the spring holding it (3).
  3. By means of the screw-driver release a clamp (4) and extend a lock plate together with its plastic arm. Remove the limiter of a deviation (5). If necessary remove the ignition lock, having turned out screws of its fastening.
  4. Install the gear shifting lever in the provision of transfer of a backing and turn out a bolt of its fastening to a gear shifting rod. If necessary replace lever plugs.
  5. Remove the lever of gear shifting and a holder, having accurately squeezed the screw-driver three clamps on a holder.



  1. Establish a holder and the lever in a casing, watching that the sealing ring was between a holder and a casing.
  2. Fix the lever on a rod and install the deviation limiter.
  3. Establish a lock plate and make sure that 2 of its bearings are in the place.
  4. Latch clamps of a lock plate, establish its arm and a spring.
  1. Adjust the provision of a lock spring by means of the screw on her holder who has to be up to standard with a ledge on a casing.

At adjustment the limiter of an inclination should not adjoin to a lock plate.

  1. Establish a gear shifting lever casing.



  1. Check serviceability of inclusion of all transfers.
  2. If necessary adjust the gear shifting drive mechanism.