2.1.4. Access to a jellied mouth of the fuel tank

You suppress the engine and you do not smoke at removal of a cover of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank.

The hatch of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank equipped with a folding cover is located on the right board of the car over an arch of a back wheel.


  1. For opening of the hatch press the corresponding button located on the driver's door. If the cover does not open in such a way, it can be opened manually, having pulled for the yellow handle (in the form of an arrow) attached to a cable in the right part of the luggage compartment.

The fused safety lock can be a cause of failure of opening of the hatch by means of the button (see the Head Onboard electric equipment).

  1. Open the hatch of a jellied mouth and slowly turn its cover counterclockwise, having lowered pressure of vapors of fuel. For closing of a jellied mouth turn a cover clockwise to several clicks.