2.1.5. Top hatch

The cover of the top hatch (at the corresponding complete set) is supplied to the electric drives operated by the switch located on the ceiling console.

For moving of a cover of the top hatch shift the switch back on half a second. The cover of the hatch will begin to move and will stop in the most comfortable situation. If it is required to open the hatch more widely, shift the switch back once again.

By short-term pressing the switch the cover of the hatch stops. For closing of the top hatch shift the switch forward and hold it in this situation until the hatch is closed.


  1. For installation of a cover of the hatch in the provision of airing press the regulator at completely closed cover. For lifting of a cover of the hatch shift the switch even above back. For closing of the hatch installed in the airing mode shift the switch forward.
  1. The hatch cover if necessary (for example if the drive failed э/) can be moved and manually. For this purpose uncover finishing of a forward edge of the hatch, insert the screw-driver into an opening and turn it clockwise for opening or counterclockwise – for closing.