12.4.3. Removal and installation of a steering wheel


  1. Switch off ignition and establish a steering wheel in provision of the rectilinear movement.
  1. Turn out 2 screws of fastening of the block of a safety cushion.
  1. Accurately remove a safety cushion from a steering wheel and separate sockets of a horn and audio systems (4). Separate sockets (5) as well on the pillow back.
  1. Give a nut of a steering wheel (6) and remove a washer.
  1. Slightly delay a steering wheel so to get access to the socket on a spiral spring and separate it (8) then finally remove a steering wheel.
  1. Turn out 3 screws (10) and remove the top and lower casings of a steering column.
  2. Remove the right understeering switch and cut a cable coupler.
  1. Separate the socket (13) of a spiral spring (15), turn out 2 screws (14) of its fastening and remove a spring.
  1. Installation is made upside-down. Before installation of a spiral spring make sure that it is recorded in the central situation. After installation remove codes of malfunction of the SRS system.