12.4.5. Removal and installation of the pump GUR

The description for 4-cylinder models is given below.


  1. Empty a hydraulic actuator of the amplifier of steering as it is described in the Section Removal and installation of the steering mechanism and steering drafts, and connect a hose to the GUR tank.
  2. Remove an air duct with the MAF sensor and a belt of the drive of auxiliary units.
  1. Pick up the soaking-up phone (10) from the pump GUR, weaken a collar and pick up from the pump the giving phone (11).
  1. Turn out bolts (12) of fastening of the pump GUR and remove it.

Do not allow hit of GUR liquid on the painted body surfaces.

  1. Installation is made upside-down. Make sure of lack of leak of GUR liquid in the field of the pump.