7.1.1. Main data and security measures

The system of ignition provides ignition of the air-fuel mix given to combustion chambers of cylinders of petrol engines. For formation of a spark of the required intensity the 12-volt tension of onboard network will be transformed in ignition coils to the high-voltage tension (30 000 V).

The electronic system of direct ignition is an integral part of a control system of the engine. Its main working components are candles and modules of ignition with the built-in coils. Distribution of giving In/in tension on spark plugs the block of electronic control (ECM) operates.

Manual adjustment of the moment of ignition is not made, - at violation of the required installations it is necessary to make replacement of the failed components.

Elements of management of system of ignition are not subject to wear and do not need regular service. According to the schedule of maintenance (see the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance of the car) it is necessary to make only replacement of spark plugs.

The system of preheat of the diesel engine is intended for warming up of combustion chambers for the purpose of sure ignition of diesel fuel. As heating elements glow plugs which work the corresponding electronic block operates are used.

The main data on work and sensors of systems as an upravleniyadvigatel and injection of fuel are stated in the Head of the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases. Schemes of work to control systems of engines are given in illustrations.

Control system of petrol engines (Trionic T7)

Control system of the petrol V6 engine (Trionic T7)

Tech 2 — the Diagnostic scanner
Trionic — the Control unit of the engine (ECM)
102 — the Relay of the fuel pump
133 — the Sensor of provision of a pedal
134 — the Sensor of provision of a pedal
141 — the Switch of a tempostat
156 — the Relay of the K/V compressor
179(a) — the Control valve of air
202 — the Sensor of temperature of OZh (ECT)
205 — the Sensor of an air stream (MAF)
206 — Injectors/nozzle
229 — the Main relay
243 — the Sensor of level motive
29 — D/V of stoplights
321 — the adsorber purge Valve
EVAP systems
324 — the SAI system Relay
326 — the SAI system Pump
345 — the Sensor of situation cranked
shaft (CKP)
346(F/R) — ignition Modules (forward /
379 — the Sensor of position of the accelerator pedal
382 — the ABS/TC Control unit

398 — Glow plugs
407 — the Sensor of temperature is soaked up -
го air (IAT)
408 — the RPM meter cranked
431 — the Sensor of absolute pressure in
inlet pipeline (MAP)
502 — the Control unit of transmission
540 — the Display of a combination of devices
540B — the Control unit of a combination
547 — the ABS Control unit
555 — situation distribute the Sensor -
telny shaft (CMP) ***
585 — the EVAP system pressure Sensor
588 — the EVAP system cut-off Valve
592Fa — the Lambda probe 1 (forward)
592Ra — the Lambda probe 2 (back)
596 — the Control unit of preheat
diesel engine
603 — the Sensor of absolute pressure
the forced air
604 — the throttle Case
605 — Perepuskna the control valve
606 — Em the EGR system valve
607 — Em the valve of emergency operation
608 — the Control unit of the engine

Control system of the diesel V6 engine (Denso ECD U2P)

628 — the Control unit of the dashboard (DICE)
632 — the Control unit of anticreeping system (TWICE)
640 — the Relay Ý/m the valve of emergency operation
651 — the Sensor of temperature of diesel fuel
652 — the Control valve of pressure of fuel in the distributive highway of the diesel engine

653 — the fuel pressure Sensor in the distributive highway of the diesel engine
654 — the Sensor of position of shovels of a turbocompressor
655 — the Control unit of the engine (ECM)
656 — the Electric cascade of nozzles
671 — the ESP Control unit

Security measures during the work with systems of ignition, preheat and management of fuel injection

For the purpose of prevention of traumatizing and/or failure of components of electric and electronic systems it is necessary to observe the following: