10.3.1. Removal and installation of power shafts

Removal and installation of power shafts


  1. Poddomkratte the car also remove the corresponding wheel and the left side protection cover. On the diesel V6 models remove the lower protection cover of the engine.
  2. Remove a cap of a stupichny nut and give it.
  3. At removal of the right power shaft give fixture of an arm of the sensor of an inclination of headlights (at the corresponding complete set) and take him aside.
  4. Turn out a bolt of fastening of a spherical support to a rotary fist and lower the suspension bracket lever, having enshrined it in this provision by the wooden whetstone established between the lever and a rack of the stabilizer.
  5. Weaken a collar of a brake hose and fixture of an electrical wiring of ABS.
  6. Beat out the external CV JOINT from a nave by means of the hammer with soft brisk. For simplification of removal of a shaft delay a suspension bracket rack.

Do not damage a shaft vent.

  1. At removal of the left power shaft accurately hook the lever the internal CV JOINT and bring him out of transmission.

At the same time oil will follow from transmission.

  1. For removal of the right power shaft beat out it from an intermediate shaft the hammer with soft brisk.

The internal CV JOINT of the right power shaft on vents has the lock ring established in a flute for fixing with an intermediate shaft.

  1. Before installation of the left power shaft replace its epiploon (see the Head the Manual box of gear shifting).
  2. Be convinced of integrity and correctness of installation of lock rings in their flutes, and also of purity of shlits of the established shaft.
  3. Establish a shaft in a nave, having delayed a suspension bracket rack.
  4. Oil vents of the internal end of a shaft gearbox and establish a shaft in transmission / an intermediate shaft to a zashchyolkivaniye of a lock ring.
  5. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components. Use a new stupichny nut.