12.2.5. Removal and installation of the stabilizer of a suspension bracket


  1. Uncover the inlet pipeline and turn out bolts of fastening of a back pillow of the engine to a stretcher (see an illustration).
  2. Install the elevator on wings and you will hang out the engine for a back lifting eye.
  3. Poddomkratte the car also remove forward wheels.
  1. Remove the amplifier of a stretcher (5), turn out 2 bolts (7) of fastening of the steering mechanism and average bolts (8) of fastening of a stretcher. Lower a back part of a stretcher.
  1. Disconnect the suspension bracket stabilizer from its racks (9), turn out bolts (10) fixing brackets of the stabilizer to a stretcher and take it from under the car through the right wheel arch.
  1. If necessary replace rubber plugs of basic brackets of the stabilizer. Install plugs by cuts back, previously having greased them with means of Molycote 33.
  2. Installation is made upside-down. You watch that е any hoses and an electrical wiring were clamped.