3.17. Check and replacement of the saloon filter of a heater and To/in

It is necessary to replace the saloon filter regularly. It will provide the maximum return of systems of heating and К/В.


  1. Remove a ware box (see the Head Kuzov), give fixture and uncover the saloon filter.

Do not damage a thermostat electrical wiring.

  1. Remove the filtering element; on early models remove also it the holder.
  1. Check existence of consolidation in the top part of a casing of the filter, if necessary paste consolidation (shooters show the direction of a stream of air).
  1. On models with To/in, established freelance, break off two plastic ears on the top party of the filter.
  2. Install the filter as directed on the top part of its casing.
  3. At installation you watch that the cover was densely closed for the purpose of prevention of course of condensate.
  4. Establish a ware box.