3.18. Service of locks and loops


  1. Check serviceability of functioning of locks of all doors, including additional blocking of locks of back doors, locks of a trunk lid and cover of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank.
  2. Check the lock of a cowl and its safety hook.
  3. Make sure of serviceability of functioning of the uniform lock (from the driver's door).
  4. Open a trunk lid a key outside, and then the switch on inside of a door of the driver (see the Head Governing bodies and methods of operation).
  1. Grease with Gleitmo 805 lubricant (No. 30 06 442) a spring of the lock of a cowl, a pin and a spring of a cowl. Grease also fastening of a safety hook of a cowl and a spring of a hook.
  1. Grease with Gleitmo 880 lubricant (No. 30 06 582) levers of limiters of all doors.