4.5.1. Reduction of the piston of the first cylinder in the provision of VMT and replacement of a belt of the drive of auxiliary units and its natyazhitel

Removal of a pulley of a bent shaft

8 — Fixture of pulleys of pumps OZh and GUR
9 — the Belt of the drive of auxiliary units
10 — Pulleys of pumps OZh and GUR

11 — Natyazhitel of a belt 9
12 — GRM drive cover Fixture
13 — the Pulley of a bent shaft


  1. Lay on wings protective covers and a poddomkratta the car.
  2. Remove parts of the lower spoiler.
  3. Insert wedges between the pallet of a case and a stretcher, and also between transmission and a stretcher.
  4. Lower the car on the earth.
  5. Remove the MAF sensor with a hose (5 on an illustration), release a hose of GUR (6) from the holder and remove the right support of the engine with an arm and a pillow (7).

Removal of the MAF (5) sensor, hose of GUR (6) and right support (7).

  1. Give bolts of fastening of a pulley of the water pump and a pulley of the pump GUR (8 on an illustration). Weaken a tension of a belt (9) of the drive of auxiliary units and remove it together with the specified pulleys (10).

At removal only of a belt it is not obligatory to remove pulleys, it is enough to weaken its tension only.

  1. Remove a natyazhitel of a belt of the drive of auxiliary units and an air inlet of the generator (11).
  2. Uncover the GRM (12) drive and a pulley of a bent shaft (13).
  3. Turn a bent shaft clockwise so that it almost reached a zero mark (14 on an illustration). Grooves on cogwheels of camshafts have to reach at the same time almost tags on an internal (back) cover of the GRM drive.
  1. Install on a bent shaft the special blocking KM-800-10 adaptation (15 on an illustration). Accurately turn a bent shaft clockwise so that the lever nestled on a flange of the water pump, and tighten it.

Cogwheels of camshafts are marked with figures (about grooves): on shaft of cylinders 1, 3 and 5 are available a tag 1 and 2, and on shaft of cylinders 2, 4 and 6 – tags 3 and 4.

  1. Lay the control KM-800-20 template at first on cogwheels of 1 and 2 camshafts, and then on wheels 3 and 4. In both cases of a tag on cogwheels have to coincide precisely with tags on a template.