5.1.7. Removal and installation of the oil cooler of 4-cylinder petrol engines


  1. Poddomkratte the car also remove the forward lower protection cover (2 on an illustration).
  1. Turn out screws of fastening of the oil cooler (3 on an illustration).
  1. Give a nut (4 on an illustration) fastenings of hoses to the oil cooler.
  1. Disconnect hoses (5 on an illustration).

Do not use the screw-driver for separation of hoses since at the same time it is possible to damage the sealing ring established in connection.

  1. Zakuporte hoses also lower the oil cooler.
  2. Check a condition of sealing rings, if necessary replace them.
  3. Grease sealing rings with Gleitmo 805 lubricant and establish them into place.

Further installation is made upside-down.

After installation start the engine and make sure of lack of leak of oil.