5.2.2. Removal and installation of the control unit of system of ventilation with a heater and To/in, removal and installation of the broad valve


  1. Empty system of heating, having disconnected hoses from the heat exchanger. On models with To/in discharge the К/В system.
  2. Remove the central section of the dashboard and front seats (see the Head Kuzov).
  3. Unbend a sexual covering and remove air ducts under front seats.
  4. Remove the dashboard (see the Head Kuzov).
  1. Disconnect from a grounding wire dashboard beam (6 on an illustration), cut cable couplers (7), give nuts and remove average cable channel (8).
  1. Remove a knee emphasis.
  1. Turn out 3 bolts and remove the holder of the relay.
  1. Turn out 4 screws of fastening of a steering column and remove it in collecting (see the Head Podvesk and steering).
  1. Turn out 4 bolts (13 on an illustration) and remove an arm of pedals.
  1. Turn out 2 screws on each party (14 on an illustration) and remove two basic brackets of the central part of a beam of the dashboard.
  2. Remove the stabilizer (15 on an illustration) on the central support and turn out 8 bolts of the central support (16).
  1. Turn out 2 bolts of external support (17 on an illustration) and remove a beam (18) dashboards.
  1. On models with AT separate the socket of the AT control unit and put it aside (19 on an illustration).
  1. Separate 4 sockets of the block of ventilation and heating from the passenger (20 on an illustration).
  2. Pick up the phone going from the intercooler to the throttle case.
  1. Remove the holder Ý/m the valve of the perepuskny valve of nadduvayemy air. For this purpose at first uncover, then remove the socket from the holder and separate it then remove the holder from a partition of a motive compartment and put aside.
  1. Disconnect two hoses from the heat exchanger (23 on an illustration) and tubes (24) To/in from the broad valve, previously having turned out the central bolt.
  1. Turn out 2 bolts and remove the broad valve.
  1. Disconnect drain hoses on both parties of the block of ventilation and heating.
  1. Turn out from a motive compartment three screws of fastening of the block of ventilation and heating to a partition.
  1. Raise a back part of the block and bring it out of a support.
  2. Installation is made upside-down. Use new sealing rings.