5.2.3. Replacement of the valve of a cut-off of cooling liquid and it Ý/m valve

These valves are riveted with each other.


  1. Uncover a broad tank and dump pressure in system. Substitute under the car capacity for collecting OZh.
  1. Press water hoses (3 on an illustration) and disconnect from valves vacuum hoses (4).

Check a condition of hoses at the same time.

  1. Separate the socket (5 on an illustration) Ý/m the valve and cut the cable coupler (6) holding together Ý/m the valve and an electrical wiring.
  1. Remove collars (7 on an illustration) fastenings of hoses to Ý/m to the valve and drill rivets (9).
  1. Replace the valve of a cut-off or it Ý/m the valve.
  2. Installation is made upside-down. Instead of rivets use the bolt connection.