13.1.6. Removal and installation of forward wings and fairing of a windshield


  1. Remove back consolidation (1) of a cowl, give nuts and remove levers of screen wipers (2).
  1. Remove rubber consolidations and turn out bolts of fastening of a fairing (3). Remove a fairing, having lifted its first line and having pulled a fairing forward to unhook clamps from edge of a windshield.
  2. Remove repeaters of indexes of turns (see the Head Onboard electric equipment), a bumper (see the Section Removal and installation of bumpers) and loker (see the Section Removal and installation of loker of wheel arches).
  1. Turn out the top screws of fastening of forward wings (7).
  1. Turn out bolts (8) from a support of a beam of a radiator and from a forward support of a wing (9).
  1. Slightly turn out screws on A rack that the wing could be squeezed out forward.
  1. Give a nut of fastening of an overlay of a threshold to a wing, delay an overlay of a threshold and remove a wing.
  1. Installation is made upside-down.