13.1.9. Removal and installation of a cowl and its lock


At removal and installation of a cowl it is necessary to secure with the help of the assistant.


  1. Open a cowl, weaken noise isolation fixture on the left side of a cowl, extend a hose of a washer and separate it.
  1. Weaken a collar (4) on a loop and extend a washer hose.
  1. Mark the provision of a cowl on loops and remove the top support of a rack of a cowl (6) installed in the hinge on a cowl.
  2. Turn out two lower nuts (7) on each loop, and then give on couple of turns the top nuts (8).
  1. Remove a cowl. If it is required to remove its loops, give their lower nuts.
  1. Installation is made upside-down. If necessary transfer a noise isolation, consolidation and nozzles of washers to a new cowl.
  2. In conclusion adjust the provision of a cowl concerning a body – gaps between them have to be identical, and their height has to coincide.
  1. Adjustment of provision of a cowl in the longitudinal direction is made at three released loop nuts on the party of a cowl; adjustment of height of the back party of a cowl is made at three released loop nuts on the party of a body. For adjustment of height of a forward part of the party of a cowl give nuts (1) of clamps, the screw-driver adjust their situation and make the corresponding adjustment of a rubber emphasis.

Cowl lock


  1. Open a cowl and remove a decorative front grille.
  1. Turn out screws in the limiter of a cable and extend a cable from its plug and levers of the lock. Fix a stopper of a cable (3).
  1. Give nuts (2) and remove the lock.
  2. Put the lock and, without fixing it, accurately close a cowl to level a latch with the lock. Open a cowl and fix the lock by nuts.
  3. Insert a cable into one of springs and put on a stopper (3). Then insert a cable into the plug and into other spring (4) and put on a stopper.
  4. Make sure that the spring in the released situation settles down opposite to a stopper (A) and that between a stopper and a spring there is a gap.
  5. After installation adjust the provision of a cowl.