6.3.10. Removal and installation of the accelerator pedal, adjustment of a cable of the drive of a butterfly valve

Removal and installation of a pedal


  1. Open a cover of the diagnostic socket (1 on an illustration) and turn out bolts of its fastening (2).
  1. Turn out bolts and release a clamp of the lower panel (3).
  1. Separate the socket of illumination of a threshold (4 on an illustration) and remove the lower panel.
  1. Shift the plug back (6 on an illustration) and remove it together with a cable. Turn out nuts and remove a pedal (7).
  2. Installation is made upside-down.

Adjustment of a cable


  1. Uncover the engine and a cable clip.
  1. Adjust a free wheeling of a cable, holding one hand the pedal lever in completely loaded provision of a spring, and other hand pulling a cable.
  2. Having pulled a cable, establish it in the next groove.
  3. Establish a clip and a cover of the engine.