6.3.13. Removal and installation of assembly of the fuel pump and sensor of a reserve of fuel


  1. Perform the operations described in the item with 1 on 4 Sections Removal and installation of the fuel tank.
  1. By means of special adaptation turn out a carving ring.
  1. Raise the fuel pump so that its top part towered approximately on 5 cm over the fuel tank then turn the pump clockwise to an arrow on a corner approximately on the 80th hail. also remove the pump from a tank.

Prepare for an effluence of a small amount of fuel.

  1. Check compliance of parameters of the fuel pump and sensor of a reserve of fuel to requirements of Specifications. The float of the sensor of a reserve of fuel has to be at distance of 0 - 3 mm from the lower plane of the fuel pump.
  2. If necessary make repairs of assembly according to an illustration.
1 — the Pump
2 — the Ejector
3 — the Filter
4 — the Tank
5 — the Giving line of the pump
6 — the Returnable line
7 — a pump Cover
8 — the Sealing ring
9 — the Spring element
10 — the Carving ring
11 — the Filter of a radio noise
  1. Clear the interfaced surfaces and establish a new sealing ring in a groove of the fuel tank.
  2. Further installation is made upside-down. If necessary replace sealing rings of connections of fuel hoses with the pump.