6.3.7. Removal and installation of the perepuskny valve of a turbocompressor


  1. Uncover and separate the multicontact socket of an electrical wiring of the engine.
  1. Separate the valve electrical wiring socket (3 on an illustration), give both fixing nuts (4) and weaken a windshield fairing.
  1. Accurately extend a fixing plate (5 on an illustration) and unhook it from edge of a partition of a motive compartment. Raise assembly of the valve.
  2. Separate the lower multicontact socket (6 on an illustration), mark vacuum hoses (7) and disconnect them from the valve.
  1. Extend the holder and drill rivets of fastening of the perepuskny valve.
  1. Installation is made upside-down. Do not mix vacuum hoses.

V6 engine


  1. Weaken a collar of fastening of the giving tube of a turbocompressor and remove a vacuum hose from the perepuskny valve.
  1. Pick up the perepuskny phone together with the valve, and then separate from it the valve.
  2. Installation is made upside-down