6.4.7. Removal and installation of a turbocompressor


  1. Poddomkratte the car also remove the lower protection cover of the engine.
  2. Disconnect the catalytic converter from forward section of an exhaust pipe and turn out bolts of its fastening to a support on the transmission.
  3. Lower the car on the earth.
  1. Disconnect the giving tube from a turbocompressor and the MAF sensor then remove the top cover of the engine (6 and 7 on an illustration).
  1. Disconnect the giving turbocompressor tube (8 on an illustration) from the inlet pipeline and remove the thermofilter (9) of a turbocompressor.
  2. Remove the top section of the inlet pipeline (see the Section Removal and installation of the inlet pipeline).
  3. Remove the rechargeable battery, its pallet and the block of fusible inserts (see the Head Sistemy of electric equipment of the engine).
  1. Disconnect from a turbocompressor the catalytic converter (15 on an illustration).
  1. Disconnect a vacuum hose (16 on an illustration) from the diaphragm block.
  2. Disconnect the giving turbocompressor tube from an arm on the transmission and from a turbocompressor (17 on an illustration).
  1. Remove from a turbocompressor an arm of the vacuum block (18 on an illustration), dump pressure in the cooling system, and disconnect a water hose from a turbocompressor (19).
  1. Disconnect an oil tube of a turbocompressor from the engine block (21 on an illustration) and turn out a hollow bolt (22) tubes.
  2. Give fixture (23 on an illustration) and remove a turbocompressor.
  3. Installation is made upside-down. Pay attention to the next moments:
    • Previously make sure that bearings of a turbocompressor are filled with oil. If necessary fill oil through the giving tube of a turbocompressor and turn it a hand on enough turns;
    • Grease hairpins of fastening of a turbocompressor with Molycote 1000 lubricant;
    • Use new sealing rings.