6.4.8. Removal and installation of the intercooler


  1. Remove headlights and a poddomkratta the car.
  2. Remove the lower protection cover of a motive compartment.
  1. Suspend the condenser cooling a contour of GUR liquid and a radiator on plaits to a body of the car and lower it.
  1. Give nuts of fastening of the cooling GUR liquid contour (7 on an illustration).
  1. Remove an arm (8 on an illustration) fastenings of the lower tube of the forced air on a stretcher, and also an arm (9) of a radiator.
  1. Weaken collars (10 on an illustration) fastenings of hoses to the intercooler and slightly lower the car.
  1. Remove from the intercooler the condenser (12 on an illustration) then lower and remove the intercooler.
  2. Installation is made upside-down.