6.4.9. Removal and installation of the fuel tank


  1. Tire out the car on the elevator, empty the fuel tank and lift the car.
  2. Remove back wheels.
  1. Turn out the plastic screw of fastening of a tube of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank (5 on an illustration).
  1. By means of special adaptation separate a ventilation hose (6 on an illustration).
  2. Pick up the jellied phone from unions of a jellied mouth (7 on an illustration) and take her aside.
  1. Remove an exhaust pipe behind the catalytic converter.
  1. Disconnect both cables of the drive of the parking brake from the lever.
  1. Disconnect the following fuel lines from the holder of the fuel filter: a hose of the pump of an additional heater, 2 returnable hoses and the giving hose.
  1. Place a jack under the fuel tank, turn out forward bolts of fastening of collars of the fuel tank and lower a forward part of a tank.
  1. Separate the socket on the top part of the fuel tank and completely remove it from the car.
  1. Installation is made upside-down.