4.4.4. Check and replacement of a driving chain



  1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props. Remove the lower cover of a belt of the drive of auxiliary units.
  1. Lower the car on the earth and remove a decorative cover of the engine and a spark plug (see the Section Check and replacement of spark plugs and the module of ignition).
  2. Pick up a hose and the phone of ventilation of a case. Cut off a cable coupler on the control valve. Separate the socket Ý/m the valve and uncover a head of cylinders.
  3. Install the piston of the first cylinder in the provision of VMT of the end of a step of compression (see the Section Reduction of the Piston of the First Cylinder in the provision of the top dead point (TDP)).
  4. Weaken a tension of a belt of the drive of auxiliary units and give an intermediate gear wheel so that to release the coupling of a natyazhitel of a chain.
  5. Turn out a stopper of a natyazhitel, remove a spring and a pusher then remove a natyazhitel, without changing position of pistons.
  1. The acting part of a natyazhitel should not exceed 15 mm, otherwise the chain should be replaced.
  1. Check wear of asterisks and guides of a chain. If on a surface between external edges of guides there are wear signs, replace natyazhitel together with a chain.



  1. Cover area around a chain on asterisks of camshafts with rags and fix a chain by plastic collars. Break off a chain, having removed a folding link by means of special adaptation. Fix a plastic collar on the end of an old chain.
  1. Connect a new chain to old.

Do not allow falling of a chain. Make sure that the new chain lies on an asterisk of the inlet camshaft.

  1. Install the holding adaptation on a chain and remove rags and collars from asterisks.
  1. Ask the assistant to turn a bent shaft (clockwise) and, holding an old chain, stack a new chain on asterisks of a bent shaft.

You hold an old chain intense that it did not develop on cranked to a shaft.

  1. When the new chain is established on asterisks so that on an asterisk of the inlet camshaft there will be only a few links, again lay around it rags. Record a new chain a collar, remove a folding link and disconnect an old chain.
  1. Connect a new chain a connecting link, remove a collar and rags and stretch a chain so that this link rose on the center of the holding adaptation.
  2. Condense an opening with rags, remove a connecting link and put the new lock of a chain. Check that the insert with number 2 is in special adaptation, then place in it a plate of a connecting link and establish it on a link in a chain, having pressed with effort 10 N • m.
  3. Turn an insert in special adaptation and place it V-shaped dredging directly on one of shenkely on a link. Rivet шенкель with effort of 15 N • m. Then repeat this operation on other shenkel.
  4. Check diameter compressed together shenkely – it has to make 3.4 - 3.6 mm.
  5. Remove rags and the holding adaptation.
  6. Further installation is made upside-down. Tighten fixture with the required efforts. Use a new sealing ring of a natyazhitel of a chain.